Interacting with people in different positions with individual interests and objectives is always a challenge. If results or decisions are necessary but delayed, or not produced due to the different personalities involved, it costs time and frazzles nerves.

When can external facilitation help?

  • Whenever you can’t agree and reach a result
  • When you are stuck in pointless, long-winded discussions
  • If you desire greater creativity and more participation
  • When you want to work in a more targeted and structured way


Who can profit from external facilitation?

  • Leadership teams, steering committees
  • Working groups, agile teams
  • Project groups
  • Clubs, associations


What are the benefits?

  • A mutually agreed result
  • An attitude of appreciation between all stakeholders
  • Sustainable decision-making
  • Conflict prevention due to being aware of differing interests and perspectives
  • Support for targeted, systematic collaboration