As a manager or leader dealing with uncertainty, staying positive can seem challenging. The Corona crisis is an extreme example of this. Even on a normal day, managers at all levels face complex, contradictory issues: often having to take tough decisions and answer for them to their co-workers.

When can coaching business help?

  • When you’re new to the role as a team leader or manager
  • If you’re a younger manager leading older employees or vice versa
  • There are conflicts within the team or with individual members
  • To prepare for difficult or challenging meetings with your colleagues


Who else can coaching be helpful for?

  • Anyone who leads groups or projects:
  • Self-employed / freelancers
  • Consultant project managers
  • Special roles that require leadership (eg, in associations, as a teacher)


What are the benefits?

  • Broadening your perspective by reflecting with an unbiased counterpart
  • Development of solutions to complex problems
  • Greater self-reliance, decision-making skills and flexibility
  • Maintaining or establishing greater inner balance and joy
  • Averting potential burnout, maintaining mental stability and health