Negotiations Coaching

If you want to succeed in negotiations, you need to be well-prepared; especially for difficult negotiations. Do you want to remain true to yourself but still get the best results? To do so requires inner clarity, flexibility, self-confidence, as well as an awareness of potential pitfalls.

Who can benefit from coaching?

  • People working in sales, purchasing or sourcing
  • Anyone who deals with suppliers or service providers
  • Anyone whose job involves negotiating budgets
  • People who are self-employed and negotiate with clients


When can coaching help?

  • Anyone wanting to optimize their negotiating style
  • People who would like to adapt their style to negotiate with another culture
  • Anyone who needs to prepare for a difficult negotiation


What are the benefits?

  • Inner clarity which leads to feeling well-prepared
  • A greater ability to steer the process which means more success
  • Effective handling of objections
  • Higher satisfaction with negotiation results
  • Confidence in dealing with manipulative and unfair negotiating partners