Stage fright before an important public appearance? Here you'll discover how to win over your audience with confidence.

Sound familiar? You’re in front of the camera and microphone, feel nervous, lose your thread and just not yourself?  Afterwards, it hurts to feel like you’ve thrown away a great opportunity. I’ll show you how to …

  • appear / act with confidence and professionalism
  • get your message across clearly and authentically
  • actively help to shape media contact

For optimal preparation, contact me to set up an informal meeting.

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Susanne Holst

Dr. med. Susanne Holst

„I believe the greatest gift I can conceive of having from anyone is to be seen by them, heard by them, to be understood and touched by them.  — Virginia Satir

About me

  • I am a doctor of medicine
  • Since 1989 I’ve worked as a freelance TV presenter and journalist for various TV stations, focusing on health, disease prevention, current affairs. I also work as a columnist and author in the field of health and medicine
  • I enjoy using internal family systems model to enable change
  • My personal story means I’m highly capable of working on topics like motivating yourself, individual health management and stress reduction
  • As a person and coach, I am warmhearted and uncomplicated while at the same time being disciplined and determined.  My capacity for enthusiasm is a great driver in my life.

My Qualifications

Studied Human Medicine in Hamburg, Licence to Practise Medicine 1988, 1989  Junior Doctor -General Medical Practice in Hamburg, title Dr. med.  conferred 1996

1.5 year training course focusing on Inner Personality Parts and Dynamics at Dietz Training & Partner, Munich, “Psychology of Change”, graduated 2012, DBVC recognition (German Coaching Association)

1.5 year certified coaching training in the field of Communication Psychology at the Schulz-von-Thun Institute in Hamburg, “Coaching nach Schulz-von Thun”, graduation 2019.

Worked on many well-known programmes, mainly making live appearances in front of TV cameras

Since 2012, accompanied and supported individuals in the areas of personal development, conflict management, public appearances and individual health management