Building Good Relationships

Interpersonal relationships can create joy but also anger, sadness or helplessness. Communication matters! What we say is not always what we mean. What others understand can be quite different again. Communicating clearly – that’s something you can learn!

When can coaching help?

  • Your marriage or relationship is at a crossroads
  • Constant quarrelling with your children is getting you down
  • You need to make a far-reaching decision
  • You’d like to be able to set boundaries and say “no” more often
  • Loneliness and exclusion are getting you down
  • You want to resolve or prevent conflicts


What are the benefits?

  • Understanding yourself and your reactions better
  • Knowing your desires and goals – and what a road-map could look like
  • Finding appropriate solutions for you
  • Making decisions you know you can stand by
  • Feeling calmer and more content with life