Dr. med Susanne Holst

  • Coaching language: German
  • Studied human medicine in Hamburg where she also received her doctorate (1988)
  • Has more than 30 years’ experience as a freelance TV presenter and journalist for various TV stations in a variety of mainly live formats with a focus on health, prevention and current affairs
  • Since 2021 has accompanied and supported companies and individuals in personal development, public appearances, conflict resolution and individual health management
  • Completed a 1.5-year coaching training recognized by the German Federal Coaching Association (DBVC) with a focus on inner personality traits and their dynamics “Psychology of Change” (Dietz Training und Partner, Munich, graduated 2012)
  • Successfully completed the certified coaching training in the field of communication psychology at the Schulz-von-Thun Institute in Hamburg “Coaching according to Schulz-von-Thun” (2019)
  • Is fascinated by how beneficial and enriching even minor changes in inner experience are reflected in the outer world

“Knowing that change is possible and the desire to make changes are two great first steps.” – Virginia Satir

Dr. med. Susanne Holst