Modern Life

Our interaction is being profoundly changed by digitalization, as is the way we communicate, take decisions and use our time. Global challenges like the Corona crisis are greatly accelerating the change, both at home and at work. How you want to approach new technology, social media and information platforms can be under your control. Attaining real media literacy requires careful reflection.

When can Coaching Private help?

  • You feel smart phones and social media have too much power over you or your child
  • Real social interaction is starting to take a back-seat in your life
  • You’re experiencing online bullying and feel helpless
  • You’re overwhelmed by too many emails and being constantly available


What are the benefits?

  • Being clearer about the pitfalls of your own media behaviour
  • A conscious and self-determined approach to the digital world
  • Finding balance in your life, having time for other activities