General Terms and Conditions

Coaching Crew Hamburg: Susanne Holst, Heidi Krampitz und Alison McCabe-Boeck
(hereinafter referred to as “Coach”)

1. Scope

Assignments of the Coaching Crew are always agreed upon and carried out under inclusion of these General Contract Conditions. Conflicting conditions of the Client are not valid unless and until they have been accepted in writing.

2. Subject Matter of the Contract

The activity of the Coach consists – unless otherwise agreed in individual cases – in the individual promotion and support of the Client in his own further development. The main goal is to strengthen the Client’s possibilities for self-regulation. For this self-reflection as well as active and responsible participation on the part of the Client are essential.

During the process, the Coach is available to the Client as a companion and initiator for change – the actual change work is done by the Client. The Client should be prepared and open to question himself/herself self-critically, to deal with his/her situation objectively, to change his/her own behaviour and to accept the Coach in his/her work. Coaching is a non-obligatory, active and self-responsible process and a particular outcome cannot be guaranteed. Coaching does not constitute counselling, psychotherapy or medical treatment in any form. Neither the determination, nor the alleviation, nor the healing of any pathological conditions of the client are the subject of this contract.

3. Meetings

The coaching appointment is called a session. A session lasts 90 minutes. The coaching sessions are held in the business premises of the Coach. If sessions take place at other location by prior arrangement, the costs are borne by the Client.

4. Duties of the Coach

On request, the Coach will disclose the methods, his/her modes of operation and purposes as well as the opportunities and risks at each phase of the coaching. The Coach is responsible for the selection of the appropriate methodology and shall take into account the wishes and needs of the client.

The Coach is obliged to inform the Client immediately if he/she feels that he/she is no longer able to continue the Coaching. The Coach distances himself in any way from the teachings and techniques of Ron L. Hubbard.

5. Responsibility of the Client

The Client accepts that he/she is solely responsible for his/her physical and mental health, both during the individual coaching sessions and in the time between sessions. He/She is responsible for himself/herself, especially with regard to his/her psychological resilience.

The contractually agreed coaching services are no substitute for medical treatment or other therapeutic measures. Should medical or therapeutic treatments of the Client be likely to influence the coaching services, the Client will inform the Coach immediately.

The Client acknowledges that all steps and measures taken by the Client in the course of the Coaching process are taken at the Client’s own responsibility and risk.

6. Fee / Travel Expenses

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in advance, the coaching service will be invoiced according to an hourly rate agreed before the sessions. This hourly rate is exclusive of the applicable statutory value added tax.

If the coaching takes place outside the business premises, the Client shall reimburse the Coach for travel expenses in addition to the session fee. If the Coach travels by car, EUR 0.50 net for each kilometre driven. If the arrival and departure is made by other means of transport such as train or plane, the costs will be charged to the Client. The costs for any overnight stays that may be necessary will also be invoiced within reasonable limits.

Invoices will be issued and sent after the service has been rendered, at the latest at the end of the month, and are due for immediate payment and without deduction.

7. Coaching Sessions Appointments / Cancellations

Appointments for coaching sessions agreed between Coach and Client are binding. If the Client cannot attend an agreed appointment, cancellation is possible free of charge up to two working days before the appointment at the latest. The Client is responsible for the timely notice of cancellation. If the Client does not cancel a coaching session in time, he/she is obliged to pay the agreed session fee in full.

If individual coaching sessions are cancelled due to illness of the Coach or other unforeseen events, the Coach is entitled to propose an alternative date. The Client has no further claims.

8. Confidentiality and Data Protection

The Coach is obliged to maintain confidentiality about all information that becomes known to him/her in connection with his/her work for the Client, unless the Client releases him/her from this obligation of confidentiality in writing.

By transmitting his/her data, the Client agrees to the use of his/her data for the execution of the contract in accordance with the legal provision of § 32 BDSG. Of course, the Client is entitled to the general data protection claims or so-called rights of affected persons, in particular insofar as they result from the DSGVO; the claim for deletion included therein, if and insofar as the corresponding data is no longer necessary for the execution of the contract and for the fulfilment of storage obligations resulting from the law (for the assertion of claims, the Client can contact Coaching Crew Hamburg; Rothenbaumchaussee 30 in 20148 Hamburg by post or by e-mail at

9. Termination

9.1 Coaching

The contract can be terminated by either party at any time by written notice to the other party. A period of notice is not to be observed.

After notice of termination has been given by the Client, sessions that are to take place on the two following working days shall be paid in full.

9.2 Training, Seminars, Workshops

Notice periods are specified in the offer.

10. Final Provisions

The text of the contract reflects the complete agreement, verbal agreements are not concluded. Changes and additions to the contract must be made in writing. If an agreement on the place of jurisdiction is permissible, the place of jurisdiction is Hamburg.

Should a clause of the contract be or become invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the rest of the contract shall remain valid.